Design Hustle Videos
Bern, Switzerland 

Design Hustle is a creative and educational audio/video series produced by AGEN-C Khan. Founder Ali Rahman Khan shares learnings from design, architecture, and entrepreneurship with a global audience.

Simple way to manage projects in Architecture

In this video, we discuss the simple ways we use to manage projects in the concept design phase of Architecture. You might even learn how to use new software! It`s never two minutes, is it.

Five things that can make you a better Architect!

In this short video, we discuss five ways that can make you a better Architect. don't take our word for it, we have done some solid research, well, sort of!

Creating Architectural Portfolio!

As an architect, it is very important to showcase your work to the world, not because we like showing off ---ofcourse we do!! , but it's important to document your body of work AND get more work from it. In the first part of this Two-part video, ill explain WHY it's important to create a meaningful portfolio that can put the right light on your work and skills ....In less than 90 secs...

Understanding Structures in Architecture!

As an architect, we have to bear the load of the major decision making when it comes to designing. Puns aside, in this video, ill try to explain the key concepts that will help you do the heavy lifting by deciding which structural systems to choose from while designing a building…...In less than 90 secs..

Passive Cooling Strategies in Architecture!

Passive cooling is a great way to design cool buildings…in the true sense of the word. If you are an architect who is working in temperate and warm climate zones, sit up..because in this video I will attempt to explain passive cooling strategies that will make you sound smart in front of clients, in less than 90 seconds!

What are the types of architectural competitions?

I loved taking part in architectural competitions. Who doesn't? But there are a lot of questions and confusion around them. If you are an architect who is considering taking part in international competitions, In this video I will try to explain the diffident types of completions there are and make it easier to understand them in 90 secs….

How to set Architectural fees: How do Architects charge?

Designing a building is a difficult and time-consuming affair. Us architects need to get paid, dammit!! In this video ill attempt to discuss the way architects can charge their clients in 90 secs!

Stages or Phases of Architectural Design in under 90 seconds!

You must have heard Architects talk about architectural phases or stages. In this video, ill try to break down all the phases, under 90 seconds!

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